Teton Simulation

Teton Simulation develops software technology that enables automatic validation and optimization of 3D print parameters to ensure performance and manufacturing requirements are met. Our proprietary technology, known as SmartSlice™, embeds into existing slicer programs, is fast, simple, and physics-based. Our aim is to replace the standard print-break-repeat prototyping cycle in order to speed development and reduce the time and cost of production.

Our Team


Product manager, innovator, generative expert, golf lover

Originally a software developer at Firehole Composites, Doug transitioned to Product Management at Autodesk after the acquisition of Firehole in 2013.

Doug Kenik

Software ninja, 3D printing junkie, foosball king

Brady was a primary developer of the composite analysis software developed by Firehole Composites, which sold to Autodesk, Inc. in 2013.

Brady Adams
VP of Marketing
3D printing enthusiast, dad, concert-goer
Team builder, leader, and producer of high‐impact creative and groundbreaking customer experiences.

Keith Ozar
Director of Alliances and Operations

CAE jockey, dad, skiing aficionado

Rick has been dedicated to advanced materials for over 12 years. An original employee of Firehole Composites, which sold to Autodesk, Inc. in 2013.

Rick Dalgarno
VP of Numerical Methods and AI

AI and ML nerd, math guru, musician

Jeff has 15 years experience in mathematics teaching and research, and has recently been studying applications of machine learning to advanced materials.

Jeff Selden
Senior Sales Leader

Sales Leader with 15+ years helping engineering in enterprise  adopt and optimize digital tools for improved processes and increased business productivity.

James Bishop
Senior Research Engineer

FEA maestro, dad, avid reader

Faisal has 5 years of research experience in physics-based modeling and advanced material analysis.

Faisal Bhuiyan
Staff Engineer

Camping, fishing, 3D printing specialist

Tyler earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wyoming. He has a strong background in design and fabrication, stemming from many experiences including an internship at MIT Lincoln Laboratory.

Tyler Heckenlively
Software Engineer

Code weaver, theology geek, podcast connoisseur

With experience in computer vision, robotics, and defense R&D, David brings a passion for coding and solving optimization problems.

David Heaney

Founder of Firehole Technologies, Inc., professor emeritus, outdoor enthusiast

Firehole became an industry leader for composites analysis, and was sold to Autodesk, Inc. in 2013.

Andrew Hansen

Board Members

Executive Director

Founder and CEO of IDES, Inc. Investor, philanthropist, and habitual entrepreneur

IDES became a world leader in all technical data related to the plastics industry and was sold to UL in 2012.

Mike Kmetz
Paul Heiden
Jared Stack