BASF Forward AM Releases New Case Study Featuring SmartSlice™

Our partners BASF Forward AM recently released a case study featuring their high-performance FFF filament Ultrafuse® PAHT CF15 and our own SmartSlice™ for Ultimaker Cura. The study demonstrates how SmartSlice™ was used to evaluate and optimize the structural performance of a brake lever. BASF found that, compared to a solid part (a part 3D printed at 100% infill density), the print time and part mass could be reduced by over 30% using SmartSlice™ while still meeting the stiffness and strength requirements.

What you will discover in this case study:

  • Why 3D printing solid/over-designed parts means unnecessarily long print times, wasted material, and reduced machine throughput.
  • How BASF 3D printed and tested brake levers using 5 different print setting configurations.
  • Learn more about what is happening "under the hood" of SmartSlice™.
  • Comparisons of SmartSlice™ predictions to experimental data.

"The combination of a reliable material such as Ultrafuse® PAHT CF15, the right printing parameters such as those of Forward AM and software such as SmartSlice™ enable FFF to be profitably integrated into everyday industrial applications. This combination makes it possible to save costs by consuming less material and increasing the production process of lightweight end parts."

Click here to download the full case study.


(Image courtesy of BASF Forward AM)


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SmartSlice Validation Optimization Case Study