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Talking Additive is the 3D printing podcast exploring the impact of additive manufacturing.
In Episode 22, entitled “Optimizing Ultimaker Cura Slicing for Function", host Matt Griffin speaks with Teton Simulation's VP of Product, Doug Kenik.

Listen as they discuss Teton Simulation's development of software technology that enables automatic validation and optimization of 3D print parameters in Ultimaker Cura to ensure performance and manufacturing requirements are met. This proprietary technology, known as SmartSlice™, is fast, simple, and physics-based. Teton Simulation aims to replace the standard print-break-repeat prototyping cycle to speed development and reduce the time and cost of production.

The podcast also explores Doug’s extensive professional background, his expertise in researching the performance of continuous strand composite materials in injection molding applications, and the trajectory of FFF technology.

"How are we going to move CAD from computer-aided design, more into computer-driven design, where maybe a computer is more of a partner in the design?" - Doug Kenik, Teton Simulation's VP of Product


"Let's automate it. That's really the end goal of it is tell us what you want out the back and we're gonna help the slicer automate this process for you so that you get at the end of the day, what you want." - Doug Kenik, Teton Simulation's VP of Product

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  • Meet our guest - Doug Kenik, VP of Product, Teton Simulation

  • Let's solve manufacturing questions, not just topology questions

  • What we can learn about FFF as-printed behavior

  • NEWS - “Talking Additive” at the Ultimaker Transformation Summit, April 20-23, 2021, Attend “Transform advanced use cases with Ultimaker ecosystem partners”

  • Core technology at the heart of SmartSlice™ for Cura

  • The role of advanced materials for functional parts

  • Brake lever case study with BASF carbon-reinforced nylon

  • Challenges Doug Kenik would like FFF to tackle as a technology

  • Thanks for attending our show




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