Teton Launches SmartSlice for Cura

Laramie, Wyoming – September 17, 2020 – Teton Simulation Software, a pioneer in technology for 3D printing, has launched its inaugural software product, SmartSlice for Ultimaker  Essentials. This new solution has been created to solve a major problem in the fused-filament fabrication (FFF) additive manufacturing process. When a part is 3D printed, there is a large amount of uncertainty in knowing if the part will perform as intended under end use conditions. This leads to numerous build and break iterations resulting in excessive print times and wasted material use. SmartSlice optimizes print settings, dramatically reducing this costly cycle. The software is seamlessly integrated into Ultimaker’s Cura Enterprise, making it the perfect choice for existing IT infrastructures. The subscription-based offering utilizes patent-pending cloud technology built by Teton over the past four years. 

For any 3D printed project, it is common that anywhere between 5 and 50 iterations are necessary to produce a part that meets end use requirements. These costly iterations drastically reduce the advantages of using 3D printing, slowing the overall adoption and growth of the industry. Now the iterations can be made virtually within the SmartSlice software, very quicklyvery reliably and very inexpensively. 

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"Teton's SmartSlice brings engineering grade part simulation to Cura as an exclusive marketplace plugin for Ultimaker Essentials users. Using the integration options of our open and pluggable platform it will make sure parts still meet their engineering criteria, but need less material and therefore saving valuable time and costs. The cooperation with Teton and the integration of their innovative solution are a prime example of how we will be continuously adding value for our professional customers." says Paul Heijmans – Senior VP Software at Ultimaker. 

SmartSlice has a unique application in the Jigs and Fixtures market. In this sector, broken tools can bring production lines down and traditional manufacturing methods require days or weeks to obtain replacements – leading many companies to use additive manufacturing to replace the broken components. Using SmartSlice in this setting accelerates tool replacement, helping to get production back up and running quickly. 


Teton’s focus is on simplicity and speed. Unlike many traditional "simulation" products, SmartSlice is very easy to use and is extremely fast. This allows any user to quickly iterate and validate using the software rather than print unnecessary, wasted parts. Additionally, SmartSlice can automatically optimize parameters so a user can identify the settings that yield the fastest print by minimizing time and material while meeting performance requirements. 

Our SmartSlice technology was built from the ground up to give 3d printer operators near instant feedback on the viability of their project. There is simply no other solution in the industry that can provide lightning-fast, accurate feedback on the ‘as printed’ state of a part. Plus, our optimization feature takes the guesswork out of determining the right slicing parameters. We do all the work, so the user doesn’t have to. All of this capability is provided within the slicer making it very easy to use.” says Mike Kmetz – CEO at Teton Simulation Software. 

As an approved plug-in to Ultimaker’s Essential package, Teton’s SmartSlice has met their IT audit requirements making it appropriate for any organization. 

A 14-day  free trial of SmartSlice is available. Introductory annual subscription rates are also available. 


Teton Simulation Software develops software products that enhance the productivity of manufacturing 3d printed parts. Our SmartSlice product takes the guesswork out of optimizing a part for minimum print time and material use while ensuring that end-use performance requirements are met. The company’s hallmark is providing software that is simple to use while providing very fast, reliable results.  --  tetonsim.com 

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