Teton Simulation and Polymaker Collaborate on new Case Study

We recently teamed up with our partner Polymaker to demonstrate the performance of their PolyMide™ CoPA filament by comparing predictions from SmartSlice to experimentally generated data for a roof rack bracket.

The predictions from SmartSlice were produced in a matter of minutes by simply defining the material, print settings, and use case (how the part is loaded and constrained), and then having SmartSlice automatically run the structural simulation and post-process the results.


SmartSlice was also used to optimize the print settings for the part based on user-defined stiffness and strength requirements which minimizes 3D print time and material usage. Further, the performance of PolyMide™ CoPA was compared to the performance of a generic ABS filament. A plot of the part yield load vs. print configuration is shown below and it is clear that SmartSlice is able to accurately predict the performance and trends in yield load and it is also evident that PolyMide™ CoPA is a superior material compared to ABS for this application. 

Click here to view the full case study: Polymaker Case Study


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Experiment Validation Optimization Case Study