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SmartSlice™ is a Cura plug-in that empowers you to perform validation and optimization of print parameters based on end-use requirements. Use SmartSlice™ to automatically identify the best potential print profiles for your FFF parts to achieve superior performance and manufacturing efficiency, without the guesswork associated with traditional build-break qualification cycles.

SmartSlice™ is designed for everyone and features cloud-based optimization
technology that is fast, intuitive, and accurate.

What's inside your part?

The state of the slice

Modern slicers have a staggering number of print parameters, giving you near-complete control over how a part is printed. Everything from the infill pattern and density to the layer height and wall thickness, to name just a few. This control means that there are nearly endless possible configurations and each configuration ultimately determines how your printed part performs. Getting these parameters dialed in is essential to manufacturing a part that is able to meet performance demands.

Say goodbye to the print-break cycle

You've printed your part but how do you know it won't break when put into service? The primary method, until now, has been expensive print-break-iterate cycles that rely on tribal knowledge and trial and error. This approach is far from ideal.

Enter SmartSlice™

SmartSlice™ takes the guesswork out of determining print parameters, optimizing them for performance demands and manufacturing efficiency. We have removed the ambiguity and confusion of selecting slicing print parameters by automating the process and identifying the best potential profiles to make superior parts, faster.


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Optimally engineered parts

engineered parts

SmartSlice™ uses sophisticated optimization routines to ensure parts meet requirements

Reduced material usage

material usage

Material is placed only were it is needed based on requirements you define

Minimized print time

print time

Print time is prioritized during the optimization process

Validated parts, faster

parts, faster

Virtual prototyping cuts the number of build-break iterations dramatically

SmartSlice™ creates real value


The benefits of using SmartSlice™ are clear:

Parts that meet performance requirements, produced quickly and with minimal material usage.



How to Save Money with SmartSlice


Understand part performance...

Understand how your part performs with your current print profile using the Validate feature. In just seconds, SmartSlice™ tells you if your part is under- or over-designed by comparing simulated part deflection and safety factors to limits you define.

Smart Slice automatically generates multiple print configurations

...then optimize for the best possible part

Get the most out of your part with a SmartSlice™ Optimization. Ensure structural requirements are safely met while minimizing print time and part mass for a truly optimized print profile.

How SmartSlice is Validated

Pain-free workflow

Step 1 - Open the part and select print settings

Step 1

Open your part in Cura, select a material, and enter the SmartSlice™ stage.


Step 2

Define use cases and requirements. Then, it's as simple as 1-click validation and optimization.

Step 3 - Review the optimized print settings

Step 3

Choose from a ranked list of recommended profiles. Preview, then print your part.

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