SmartSlice™ for BCN3D Stratos
Optimize high-performance parts to reduce print time and material

Featured Speakers:
Eric Pallarés, Co-founder & CTO at BCN3D Technologies
Rick Dalgarno, Director of Alliances and Operations at Teton Simulation

In this webinar learn how SmartSlice™ for BCN3D Stratos can reduce print time by 30% or more while ensuring your part meets performance requirements - allowing you to increase throughput with a faster time to market and reducing non-recoverable expenses. Watch Now

Slice Smarter - Optimize FFF print settings for performance and maximum machine efficiency

Reduce print times and print iterations for a successful print using Teton's SmartSlice™ in Ultimaker Cura. In this webinar, we will demonstrate how to optimize slice settings and validate as-printed behavior for FFF to meet performance requirements and minimize print times - increasing throughput on your machines. We will also demonstrate the technology with experimentally validated data from our partner - BASF Forward AM.  Watch Now